ZauberWort – The Storytelling Festival

ZauberWort festival
ZauberWort festival Photo: Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

ZauberWort – the Storytelling Festival from the 5th till the 9th January 2022

Do you like listening to stories? When was the last time someone told you a story?? Or you told one to somebody else? And how did it make you feel? Stories are part of being human and are intrinsically linked to our cultural identity. Especially in moments of crisis, people need these kinds of cultural events more than ever. As the photographer and author Peter Forbes once said, “stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others”.

ZauberWort Festival

ZauberWort Festival

If you haven’t been to a storytelling event lately, then take the opportunity to attend the ZauberWort (“Magic Spell”) festival, taking place from 5th–9th January 2022. Every two years during Epiphany, storytellers from German-speaking countries and all over the world meet up for a few days in Nuremberg to practise and enjoy the art of storytelling. Through their stories the audience is taken on a journey where their imagination can spread its wings. Let yourself be enchanted by the storytelling festival; ZauberWort! From this year’s varied programme, we would like to recommend two performances in particular:

Sahand Sahebdivani (Amsterdam/NL) – Tales of the Djinn (in English, suitable from 14+)

Do you believe in Djinns? The fire spirits that live between the walls of houses or were trapped in a bottle? My great grandmother did for sure. She saw them with her own eyes, dancing in an abandoned hammam (steam bath). Tales of the Djinn is a storytelling performance that mixes the personal stories of a family from Iran who fled the war to end up in Europe with old folk and mythological tales of ancient Persia.


Sahand Sahebdivani was inspired to tell stories while listening to his father who would tell him about Iran, the country they left behind when Sahand was just three years old. He is currently one of the best-known storytellers in the Netherlands, with a very distinct personal style that mixes folk tales with true stories.

Performance dates:
5th Jan – 8:30pm, Geschichtenrunde 2, Tafelhalle
7th Jan – 6pm, Geschichtenrunde 3, Tafelhalle
8th Jan – 5pm and at the event Sprachklang at 8pm at Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, Großer Saal.

And for all those who prefer to listen to different languages or perhaps want to improve their German skills, we also highly recommend attending another event that will take place during the festival:

Sprachklang – Ein muttersprachlicher Erzählabend (engl. Language/Voice sound – A mother-tongue storytelling evening)”

All the narrators will tell their stories in their mother tongues and native dialects, accompanied by the language of music. In addition to enjoying the art of storytelling, they also want to build bridges between different nationalities. For listeners who do not speak the respective language, there will be a short summary provided in German.

Music: Bal Affaire plays Balfolk (French dance ball music) and creates an unmistakable symbiosis of traditional folk from different countries with their own compositions. Liu Nestler (flutes), Carolin Fauer (violin), Birgit Freytag (accordion) and Uwe Freytag (guitar, mandolin).

Performance date:
8th Jan – 8pm, Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG, Großer Saal

For the evening events in the Tafelhalle and Auf AEG the advanced booking prices are: reg. €12 red.* €7 (*The reduced ticket price applies to children and young people from 7 to 17 years of age, schoolchildren, students, severely disabled persons and unemployed persons). Entrance tickets are also valid for travel to the event by local public transport (VGN).

Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance, either online via  or during regular opening times (Mon–Fri: 10am–6pm) at the ticket counter of the Kultur Information at the KunstKulturQuartier, Nuremberg.


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