English Post Franconia is pleased to announce our new EP Events Calendar. This Calendar is to identify and promote events taking place in the Franconian region which may be of particular interest for:

  • people wishing to exercise their English language skills
  • events that can be understood and enjoyed without recourse to written or spoken language
  • events for people with limited skills in the German language.

The EP Events Calendar is colour coded to quickly identify which are once-only events or where there is a chance to visit the event on multiple occasions or over a period of time.

Red: One-time event that will never repeat

Orange: A one-time event at one location but which can be seen again at another place, e.g. a travelling show

Yellow: Events that spread over two or more days but are limited in length to less than one week, e.g. festivals

Green: Events that repeat at least once or extend over several days or weeks

Blue: Events that repeat on a regular basis, e.g. courses that are offered each semester

Event organisers can post their events on our Events Submissions Page free of charge. If you are posting events regularly, we kindly request you to become a registered organiser by sending an email to editor@englishpost.de, subject: Events Organiser.

English Post reserves the right to edit, shorten and possibly translate into English any text submitted to our Events Calendar. If your event is not correctly represented, please contact English Post at editor@englishpost.de, and we will rectify any incorrect information as soon as possible. English Post Franconia and RedSwan Grafik Andrews accept no responsibility for inaccurate or false information provided in the EP Events Calendar.

We encourage organisers to submit images to promote their event. Permission to use the submitted image(s) online must be ensured and providable upon request. The image must be in JPEG or PNG format and be no larger than 1Mb.
If no image is supplied to the submission page, then English Post Franconia reserves the right to assign a generic image for the event.

Here is a list of events we encourage for our Events Calendar. There may be other events besides, and the list is not exhaustive:

Social gatherings esp. those aimed at international attendees
Music of all kinds
International Events
Exhibitions of Art, Culture, Science, Technology (esp. where information is provided in English)
Trade Fairs
English language films
Films with English subtitles
Theatre (English spoken)
Theatre (English text provided on a stage screen)
Dance Theatre
English language recitals, poetry, presentations
Dance events
Educational Courses