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Nuremberg is Top!

Photo by Kadir Celep/Unsplash

Nuremberg is one of the ten most popular cities in Germany and is considered a powerful brand among the large municipalities. The Franconian city scores particularly well with families and in the 30-49 age group.

Fat Tower Nuremberg

Photo by Markus Spiske/Unsplash

This is the result of the 2020 Brandmeyer-Stadtmarken-Monitor. Ten thousand citizens were asked to participate in a nationwide survey to find out how they perceive cities. These included the 49 largest cities in Germany, and Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Nuremberg is among the top ten most popular cities and takes 6th place in the overall ranking. The first two places go to Hamburg and Munich.

“We are naturally very pleased with the result,” says Mayor Marcus König. Nuremberg is particularly well received by younger people. Among the interviewees aged between 30-49 – an age group which is also considered to have particularly high purchasing power – Nuremberg scores even better than in the overall evaluation and ranks fifth. Nuremberg also holds 5th place in the “quality of life” ranking.

Nuremberg on the Pegnitz

Photo by Ram Lanka/Unsplash

Nuremberg scores even better among families. Here the respondents attest that the Franconian city is particularly attractive. After Freiburg, Hamburg and Lübeck, Nuremberg secured 4th place as a favourite with families. “Our many years of commitment to families in the city are paying off and being rewarded in this way,” emphasises Elisabeth Ries, Director for Youth, Family and Social Affairs.

Nuremberg’s Director of Economic Affairs, Dr Michael Fraas, is delighted with the result: “We are among the ten best cities in Germany in terms of economic strength. I am proud that the participants attest to Nuremberg’s high quality of life and have set the city in fifth place in this category,” said Dr Fraas.

Another result encourages the Director for Tourism, even though coronavirus is currently hitting the travel industry hard. Nuremberg is considered an attractive destination for city breaks, according to the interviewees (7th place). When asked about the “most beautiful townscape,” it is therefore not surprising that Nuremberg comes in at 6th place. “The results of the Marken-Monitor show Nuremberg to be a top contender and a favourite with people in Germany. And how important it is to continue to invest in the City brand right now”.

Press release from the City of Nuremberg, 15th November 2020

What is your take on Nuremberg? Have you lived in other cities? How does Nuremberg compare? Let us know in our comments section below.


  1. I lived in Nuremberg 3 years from 1970 to 73. While I was a member of the US Arrmy. It was a beautiful city full of friendly people. The old castle was my favorite place to be. The Christmas Festival and October Fest was my favorite time of year. I enjoyed finding out of the way places to hang out with some close friends and the locals. Spent summers by the lake, played football in the park by the Zepplin field. The food & the beer reminded me of my German heritage here in Wisconsin. My visits to Rothenberg, Munich, The 1972 Olympics. And Mannheim. Wish I could have stopped by my namesake town of Grossauheim. Enjoyed my drives in the surrounding country side.

    1. Thanks for sharing these memories! It’s sad to see so many things get shut down because of COVID last year, normally I love the Christmas market in Nuremberg as well as all around Germany. Been living here for almost 5 years and don’t plan on leaving!

    2. Good tidings , Bruce! I wonder how much local contact (US-DE) was usual at the time? I’m a *1967 and only remember meeting soldiers in bars and pubs wheeee we enjoyed brushing our English.

      I’m fascinated by the US` German heritage in and out of Milwaukee. US Octoberfests and Christkindl markets (Portland, Atlanta etc) have contributed to the mostly positive vibe about Germany in the past 30y or so.

      And: our breweries started brewing US style : Amber Ale, IPA etc..

      Stay safe, y’all!

  2. I have been here for 8 years, lovely and fabulous city, kind people and beautiful sight seeing, thank you Nürnberg

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