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If you would like to advertise on our website, please email: advertising@englishpost.de  for more information.

Target Audience: Expats, Residents not born in Germany, Tourists, Business Travellers, German natives who use English at work or socially.

Target Age group: Core 20 – 55 years

Content: Culture, Sport, Business, Lifestyle, Environment,  Events

Website: www.englishpost.de
2,000+ page views/month (Oct. 2021)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/englishpost.de
500 Page Likes
July 2021 Reach 4,075
August 2021 Reach 4,588

July 2021 Reach 4,173
August 2021 Reach 11,863 (impressions 36,226)
September Reach 16,662 (impressions 41,210)

Engagement Rate 16.97% (very high – average 5.60%)

English Post is the English language news blog for the Franconian region. A design which is inviting, modern, and colourful enables visitors to quickly gather information about Nuremberg and the surrounding area. We are a new medium, online since August 6th 2020 and are enjoying a growing audience. Feature articles covering culture, sport, business and lifestyle present a picture of life in this vibrant region. All our facilities, organisers, and authors are located in the region. Even our web servers are physically here. 

English Post exists to provide information to the, now more than 200,000, non-German-born residents in the Nuremberg region. Many of these people have a good knowledge of English either as a first or second language. For them, ENGLISH POST is the ideal medium with which to quickly get a grasp of what is happening in the region in which they are living. We also wish to promote “soft” integration for those who are having difficulties with the German language and those who are here for a shorter period. Of course, we welcome German-speaking people too, perhaps to practice or improve their English skills or who want an alternative take on events and information from around the region.

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At ENGLISH POST, we have made a conscious decision not to host Google or Facebook advertising on our website. Instead, we specifically wish to advertise only local organisations, businesses and institutions. We want to attract advertisers to our site who promote good quality products and services, and which agree with our open, inclusive and progressive philosophy.

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Besides reaching out to a highly specific audience, your commitment to place advertising on our website will be a positive act of support for our fledgeling medium at this critical stage in our development. In doing so, you are also showing your support for acceptance, diversity and openness in the region. Thank you.

Target Area: Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Bamberg, Bayreuth,
Amberg, Ansbach, Coburg, Schwabach
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