We are the English language magazine for Nuremberg and the region. Started in August 2020, English Post Nuremberg is now administered by Global Locals e.V. To enable the further development of English Post we are looking for support both practically and financially.

English Post Nuremberg has set itself the task to be the local publication of news and information in the English language about Nuremberg and the surrounding region. Our aim is to be an inclusive, trustworthy and relevant source of information about culture, lifestyle, sport, business and politics in the region. Until now English Post has been produced on an entirely voluntary basis by a dedicated group of freelancers, professionals and students. It is now our desire and intention to take this project to the next level.

Given the number of universities and international companies with headquarters in the region, the Nuremberg region is slowly gaining traction as a hub for international students and professionals. For thousands of residents, tourists, and business travellers, English is used as a means to communicate with others who do not share their language, regardless of whether they speak it natively or not. 

Despite this, until now there was no dedicated comprehensive source for information about the many and varied subjects of everyday life, nor is there anywhere to go to find relevant and up to date information about what is currently happening socially, politically and commercially in the region. To this end we started English Post Nuremberg and hope you will support our endeavour.