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Rock music Festival
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Rock festivals are back and so is Rock im Park!

After two years of “corona break”, local and international metalheads, or simply rock fans, have a chance once again to meet and enjoy the legendary Nuremberg festival — Rock im Park, from June 3rd to 5th on the Zeppelin Field. Nuremberg has hosted the rock event since 1997. This year, the headliners Volbeat, Green Day, Muse and many other famous and talented artists will entertain the festival audience from noon until late in the evening. We can do nothing but rejoice.

Besides bringing good vibes and excitement, you can take care of stuff which will make your stay at the festival more convenient, comfortable and pleasant, even if you aren’t camping.

Here are a few suggestions of what to bring with you:

  1. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. It might be essential to protect yourself from heat and intense sunlight. The festival is located in the open area on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds.
  2. Plastic bottles. It is prohibited to bring liquids in any type of packaging to the event. The festival area is equipped with water points. You can stay hydrated at any time without any difficulty. 
  3. A transparent bag and/or waist pack/belt bag. Due to some restrictions on the festival area, these bags allow you to keep your money, mobile phone, and other belongings safely and at your disposal.
  4. Wet and dry towels, as well as hand sanitizer. These will help you stay clean and wash your hands without waiting in a long line for the bathroom. Hand sanitizer is an important safety measure not only for COVID-19 but also against other viruses.
  5. A power bank. There aren’t many options for charging your phone during performances. So, to make sure you have a working mobile phone without leaving the concert, take along your power bank. You don’t want to miss the chance to take some cool photos and videos for Social Media or friends.
  6. An underlay or picnic blanket; otherwise, you can always improvise. You may want to sit for a while, and seating places are limited, so you have the following options: grass or harder ground. Note: it is prohibited to take camping chairs onto the site.
  7. A raincoat. The weather is unpredictable, and taking an umbrella to the event is prohibited.
  8. Comfortable sneakers or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty with dust, dirt, or rain.
  9. In case of an emergency, you can take medications, including asthma spray, one insulin syringe (only very short needle for s.c. injection), pills  and also cigarettes. If you take some prohibited items, don’t worry, there are lockers available for a fee where you can store the items.

Other items which are not allowed into the event area include selfie sticks, notebooks, tablets, reflex cameras and professional cameras with a removable lens. See the event website for a full list of prohibited items and more information. 

You can beat hunger with a few granola bars or a pretzel, but the festival gastronomy offers several alternatives: from pizza and burgers to pancakes. Besides that, you can do grocery shopping at the Lidl Rock Store. In addition, you will be able to enjoy a cold beer in one of the nearby bars.

The festival’s merchandise shops offer you a selection of rock souvenirs, or if you are looking for t-shirts from your favorite band, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Additional entertainment options around the festival include stadium and club baths and a Ferris wheel.

You can try a relaxed ride on a pedal boat. If a bit of World War II history interests you, you can pay a visit to the Documentation Center nearby.

And, of course, be aware of distance, safety, and hygiene rules.

Have fun!


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