Zeppelin Field and Grandstand Information Day

Nurnberg_Parteitagsgelande_Ehrentribune 1942
Nuremberg 1942 Photo: Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-2008-0028_Nurnberg_Parteitagsgelande_Ehrentribune

The Information Day at the Zeppelin Field and Grandstand (Zeppelintribüne and Zeppelinfeld) on Sunday, 18 July 2021, offers a comprehensive, multilingual guided tour programme between 9 am and 6 pm. The history of the site during the National Socialist Party Rallies will be explained and how it was dealt with after the end of the Nazi dictatorship. There will also be the opportunity to talk to experts from the City of Nuremberg and exchange views on the site’s development into a place of learning and encounter.

The Zeppelin Field Grandstand Today

The Zeppelin Field Grandstand Today
Photo by abejorro34 on Foter

Interested visitors can take part in free guided tours of the grounds in six different languages, organised as follows:

German: tours between 9 am and 6 pm.
English: tours starting at 11 am and 4:45 pm.
Russian: tours starting at 12:45 pm and 5:15 pm.
Turkish: tours starting at 3:15 pm.
Greek: tours starting at 2 pm.
French: tours starting at 11:45 am.
Deaf and hearing-impaired: tours with a sign language interpreter start at 10:15 am and 4 pm.
Blind and visually impaired people: additional hearing and tactile tours starting at 9:45 am and 2:45 pm.

Participation is by appointment only. Free tickets can be booked online via the reservix ticketing system at until Saturday, 17 July. Max 20 participants per tour. Up to two tickets per tour can be booked by one person.

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