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Bavarian State Government Allocates €527,000 for Reconstruction of Two Schools in Kharkiv

Photo: Andreas Franke / Stadt Nürnberg

This article was written using information from the Stadt Nürnberg Press Release Nr. 869 / 16.08.2023

The aftermath of Russia’s ‘völkerrechtswidrigen’ (violating international law) attack on Ukraine has cast a shadow over Nuremberg’s partner city, Kharkiv, for the past eighteen months. With numerous lives lost and essential infrastructures ravaged by bomb blasts, the Free State of Bavaria has extended a helping hand by providing approximately €527,000 to assist in the reconstruction of two schools in Kharkiv.

Mayor Marcus König of Nuremberg underscores the resilient bond between the two cities, stating, “From the earliest moments of the conflict in February 2022, we’ve maintained a close rapport with our partner city, Kharkiv. This connection has transcended individual efforts and encompasses a broad spectrum of initiatives, including the commendable work of the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association, the involvement of individuals, municipal bodies, organisations, and businesses, as well as the ongoing dialogue with Kharkiv’s Mayor Ihor Terechow.”

At the forefront of the aid initiatives, the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association has been instrumental in overseeing nearly 20 projects, a portion of which has already concluded. Mayor König further emphasises the substantial financial contributions and in-kind support, which have collectively surpassed €2.6 million. These resources have been directed towards rebuilding institutions and rejuvenating Kharkiv, reinforcing a sense of solidarity that endures even in challenging times.

On August 16, 2023, Minister Melanie Huml, Bavaria’s State Minister for European Affairs and International Relations, presented a grant of €527,206 to the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association during a ceremony held at Nuremberg’s City Hall. These funds will be earmarked for the reconstruction of two schools in Kharkiv that have borne the brunt of the conflict. Additionally, both schools will be outfitted with air raid shelters to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

Minister Huml commends the dedication exhibited by the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association, remarking, “The commitment demonstrated by the association is truly commendable. By supporting these initiatives, the Free State of Bavaria is actively fostering the involvement of civil society in the city’s reconstruction, which has faced severe adversity due to the Russian invasion. The revival of these schools plays a pivotal role in reinstating the city’s social infrastructure. In the current circumstances, every gesture of solidarity for peace and freedom holds immeasurable significance.”

Notably, Bavaria had previously extended financial support for two projects facilitated by the association: therapeutic interventions for children and families in Kharkiv traumatised by the war, as well as the procurement of new pumps for the city’s wastewater system.

During a live interaction from Kharkiv, Mayor Ihor Terechow underscored the profound significance of the unwavering support offered by the Free State of Bavaria, the city of Nuremberg, and the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association for the city’s residents. “Your assistance has been instrumental in helping us navigate through these exceptionally challenging times.”

Antje Rempe, Chairperson of the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association, expressed gratitude for the substantial support from the state government. “Such progress is achievable thanks to the presence of steadfast partners in Kharkiv. Our strong connections, cultivated over three decades, form the cornerstone of these endeavours.”

Mayor Marcus König reiterates Nuremberg’s enduring commitment to stand by Kharkiv’s side for the long haul. “We will continue to extend our support to Kharkiv and contribute to its recovery. The unflagging generosity of Nuremberg’s residents, even a year and a half after the onset of the conflict, owes much to the tireless efforts of the Charkiw-Nürnberg Partnership Association.”


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