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Covid-19 – Seven-Day Incidence Above 35 – New Restrictions

New Covid Rules

An increase in the number of Covid-19 infections has led to new restrictions. A seven-day incidence value for Nuremberg of 45.5 was reported by the RKI on Saturday, 21st August 2021. Due to the amendment of the 13th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (13th BayIfSMV), which implements the resolutions from the Federal-States Conference of the 10th August 2021, some restrictions are already in place from today, Monday 23rd August 2021.

The 3G rule will generally apply to indoor areas in Bavaria where the seven-day incidence rises above 35. Only those who are vaccinated (Geimpft), recovered (Genesen) or tested (Getestet) and have no symptoms will be allowed to visit certain facilities, attend events and use services without access restrictions.

Hospitals, Old People’s Homes and Nursing Homes
Only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed to visit hospitals, old people’s homes, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled.

Indoor Catering, Events, Celebrations, Sports, and Recreational Facilities
The 3G rule also applies to indoor catering, attendance at events and celebrations such as flat owners’ meetings or birthday parties and indoor cultural or sporting events. Vaccination, recovery or a negative test are also a requirement for anyone who wants to do indoor sports, for example in gyms, swimming pools or sport halls, or to employ body-related services such as hairdressing, cosmetics, and body care. Recreational activities in enclosed spaces such as indoor playgrounds, wellness centres or saunas are also only possible if the 3G rule is observed. Company canteens that are not open to the public are exempt from the 3G rule.

Hotels, Guesthouses, and Commercial Accommodation
Proof of testing is required when residing in hotels, guesthouses and other commercial accommodation. People who have not been vaccinated or recovered must provide proof of a negative test both on arrival and for each additional 72 hours (3 days) during their stay.

Major Cultural and Sporting Events
The conditions for major transnational cultural and sporting events have been simplified. Regardless of the seven-day incidence, a venue occupancy rate is increased to up to 50% of its capacity, provided that the distance rules can be observed. However, a maximum of 25,000 spectators are permitted.

Vaccinated, Tested, and Recovered Rersons
A person is considered vaccinated if they can prove that they have been fully vaccinated by means of a vaccination certificate issued in their name and if at least 14 days have passed since the last required vaccination.

A person is considered recovered if they were ill with coronavirus at least 28 days before and hold a recovery certification.

As for proof of testing, either a negative rapid antigen test not older than 24 hours or a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours are required. Children under 6 years of age and schoolchildren from the beginning of the school term are exempt from the testing requirement.

Regardless of the 3G rule, it is still necessary to observe general hygiene guidelines such as maintaining distance, wearing a mouth and nose cover, hand hygiene and sneezing etiquette and ventilating rooms regularly.

Further Information
– about the coronavirus:

– on the official gazette of the city of Nuremberg: 021_17a_amtsblatt.pdf

– on the Ordinance Amending the 13th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of 20 August 2021

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