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No Christmas Market in Nuremberg

Christmas Market Nuremberg
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Given the rapidly increasing number of Corona cases, the city of Nuremberg has decided to cancel the 2020 Christmas Market, which would have run from Friday, November 27th to Christmas Eve “We find this decision very difficult. The Christkindlesmarkt is a great tradition that belongs to Nuremberg. An Advent season without the prologue of the Christkind and without the little wooden stands on the main market is for us as for the many visitors hard to imagine. And yet after  long consideration and for the protection of the population we have come to the conclusion that the Christkindlesmarkt will not be held this year.” says Mayor Marcus König.

The number of new corona infections according to the Bavarian Ministry of Health is 76.01. “It can be assumed that the threshold will exceed 100 and the Corona Traffic Light will jump to dark red.” explains Mayor Marcus König. With it additional restrictions will likely apply, both for the general population and for events. 

König continues, “Against this background, we believe holding the Christmas market would send the wrong signal.” The Urban Market Office had created, in cooperation with the Association of Showmen and the market traders, a concept for a decentralized Christmas market with a very strict hygiene concept for the Corona period. The market would have been limited to a total of four squares in the Old Town. This would have thinned the crowds and created more space on the main market. Wider walkways, a mask requirement, as well as numerous disinfection stands would have provided additional hygiene. “Nevertheless, to encourage the gathering of many thousands of people in the city center would be irresponsible” regrets Mayor Marcus König. 

Mayor König and Economic Advisor Dr. Michael Fraas have offered market traders and showmen, similar to the solution offered during the Summer, the possibility to spread single stands throughout the city. “We know how special the Christmas season is for market traders and their families,” says Dr. Fraas. “The Christkindlesmarkt also has special economic significance for Nuremberg. It benefits the showmen and market traders, the retail trade as well as the hotel and catering industry. It is for this reason we find the decision very painful,” says the Economic Advisor. “I can understand everyone who – myself included – finds this a difficult decision to accept. But it is a dictate of reason,” says Dr. Fraas. “Better to pull the emergency brake now, than only a few days before the market’s start.”

The city of Nuremberg is nevertheless considering what roles the treasured Nuremberg Christkind can take over as the Advent ambassador of the city. Also for Christkind Benigna Munsi the cancellation is not easy. “But in view of the current situation it is the right decision. I am personally very sorry; for myself, for Nuremberg residents, the many visitors from out of town and, of course, especially for the children.”


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