Franconian Word of the Month

Franconian Word of the Month – January


Allmächd  /ʌl – mecht/

Hochdeutsch: Allmächtig

English: “Oh dear” or the famous F-word

There is one word a Franconian can always count on, whether he is seeing the waitress approaching with the long-awaited beer in her hands, looking at his tax demands levered by the German state, or having to sit on his arse for almost the whole year because of Covid. It is the word Allmächd.

A very useful term, Allmächd is a cry of joy, sadness, disappointment, total despair, and a lot more. It is practically impossible to not have a situation in which one cannot use the word, for a true Franconian will always understand the context, mostly depending on how it is uttered. The best comparison to the English language might be the varied emphases possible for the well-known F-word. (Look up some videos of Samuel L. Jackson regarding the prominent F to see what I mean.)

Some consider it almost a curse since it comes from the German “Allmächtig”, which means omnipotent, and therefore should only be reserved for Gods. The more “worldly” Franconians do not care much for this interpretation and say that it is truly sacrilege if they have to keep waiting for their ordered beer.

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