Franconian Word of the Month

Franconia Word of the Month – Etzadla

Franconian Word of the Month

Etzadla /æ – tzʌd – lʌ /

Hochdeutsch: Jetzt

English: right now / for the next part

Etzadla might be one of the most used words in Franconia, besides possibly “Fraali!”. It is a very good substitute for its German counterpart “Jetzt”, since it is mostly used in the beginning of a sentence to lead up to something very happy or, indeed, very unhappy for other people. By making the very short “Jetzt” longer and with three syllables instead of only a measly one, Franconians manage to put more power into the very beginning of their sentence, thus bringing even more potence to the main part. Some examples might be “Etzadla gemma saufn!” (“Now we shall go drinking!”) or “Etzadla kriegst paar aufs Maul!” (“Now you shall receive your fair punishment, fiend!”)

Where it came from, nobody knows; where it shall go to, is known, however. The infamous German youtuber Drachenlord is well known for using the word, mostly in the unhappy context. While his streams are not necessarily something you might enjoy watching, he did have a big part in renewing the legacy of the word, which now is even used (mostly comically) all over Germany.

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