Franconian Word of the Month

Es reicht langsam

Enough is enough

Langd aa allmählich /lʌngd ʌ ʌl-mæ-li:ch/

Hochdeutsch: es reicht langsam

English: enough is enough / ‘nough said

Well, the last two years have been a blast, haven’t they? With Covid, most of social life broke down, especially in the early stages; right now, politicians in Germany are trying to decide on rules that a) don’t work, b) drive us into isolation or c) broaden the divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated even more.

Now, the German Michel is a very lazy creature. This is especially true for the Franconians, who – as long as they have a beer and a Bratwurst by their side – are as happy as a terrier in a barrel full of rats. But even these angelic people can lose their patience, and if they do, not beer nor Bratwurst is enough to stop them muttering the very famous words: “Langd aa allmählich.” While maybe not a very fierce battle cry to start with, those words still show to the wise that the time of finally getting off their chairs has come.

Though to be fair, we usually only get off the chair to get another beer to get through this pandemic. So here’s cheers to you, and cheers to a happier year of 2022!

Philip Weisel
Philip Weisel is, according to his girlfriend, "as German as they come". Originally from a small village with almost more cows than people in it, he moved to Nuremberg to unsuccessfully study IT. In the end, he settled for a career as an IT specialist, which in turn awarded him with the post of Admin for English Post. In his free time, he keeps the English Post website up and running or, if nothing is broken at the moment, he plays games on his computer. He also attempts to write a Fantasy book, and from time to time writes articles about the "Lingua Franconia", in his opinion one of the nicest dialects there is.

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