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Not just coronavirus, but also the upcoming winter poses challenges for homeless people. The Social Welfare Office, therefore, would like to draw attention to the current offers of help that exist in Nuremberg for homeless people.

In addition to the people already accommodated by the city and voluntary organisations (approximately 2400 people in homeless flats, shelters and pensions) the city, in cooperation with other institutions, provides emergency shelters for people who are on the street.

With a total of 150 places for men and 30 for women, it is ensured that anyone who does not have a roof over their head at night can find accommodation. The Social Welfare Office’s house in the Großweidenmühlstraße, the Salvation Army G53 emergency dormitory – Bramwell-Booth House, the emergency dormitory of the Hammock Association and the Domus Misericordiae of Caritas are open to those in need. This offer is complemented by the two new facilities Diana-Herberge and Hermann-Etage. 

To control suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases in the accommodation an additional quarantine facility with 30 places has been organised. Medical care is provided by the Caritas’ “Franz von Assisi” street ambulance. Within the framework of the emergency care, homeless patients have access to all facilities of the health system.

As part of its emergency concept, the ecumenical Wärmestube provides homeless people with warm meals. It also provides information and crisis intervention services, as well as the opportunity to take a shower and do laundry. Lodging is organised in a two-shift operation.

Due to staff shortages, the operation in the ecumenical Wärmestube was initially changed to a food service supplying packed lunches until Sunday, 22 November. These packed lunches are also available in the largest emergency accommodation. In cooperation with NürnbergBad and until further notice, an alternative shower and lounge area will also be offered in Nuremberg’s Nordostbad.

To encourage those people who make little or no use of the facilities, the Streetwork-team from Wärmestube and the Street-Ambulance also visit homeless people at their respective places of stay. If necessary, the staff can be informed by calling the telephone numbers 0911 443962 and 0911 47494860. In emergencies and outside of working hours, the police service can also be contacted.

Simona Dalla Valle
Simona is Italian and has been living abroad for over ten years. She has a Master’s degree in foreign languages and a diploma in photography and filmmaking. She loves going to concerts and she’s obsessed with Greece, dogs and true crime. Her favourite directors are Werner Herzog and Michael Haneke. She enjoys talking about anthropology and will quote at least a Morrissey song a day. Multi-talented and incredibly productive, Simona writes in-depth articles, contributes stunning photographs documenting Nuremberg, as well as executing translations from German into English.

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