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Nuremberg Cricket Club wins the Bayern T20 Cricket Championship.

The Nuremberg Cricket Club (NCC) has won the Bayern T20 trophy once again and retains the champion title. For the second time, NCC has won the T20 championship and qualified for the national championship. On September 5, 2020, two semi-finals and the final games were organized in Erlangen and Nuremberg to decide this year’s winner.

In the first semi-final, NCC played against Erlangen Cricket Club (ECC) on ECC’s home ground in Erlangen. After winning the toss, ECC decided to bat first and gave a target of 139 runs to win in 20 overs. In a nail-biting game, NCC chased down the score in the 19th over at the loss of 8 wickets.

In the second semi-final, SCC Munich played against CCB Munich in Nuremberg. After winning the toss, CCB decided to bat first. CCB scored 118 and gave a target of 119 runs to win in 20 overs. Alas, SCC were all-out for 110 and lost by just eight runs.

The two semi-finals were a real test of nerves for the players of all four teams. The two teams that kept their cool made it to the final. After almost two months of knockout games, now was time to decide who would take the trophy home this year. NCC and CCB locked horns for the Bayern T20 champion on NCC’s home ground.

In the final, CCB Munich won the toss and decided to bat first. From the very first ball, the game didn’t go as CCB planned and they lost a wicket on the first ball of the game. They couldn’t recover their composure and managed to score only 93 runs and were all-out in just 19 overs. With such a low score to chase, it looked like an easy sailing for the NCC batsmen. But CCB poured their hearts into the game and gave NCC an incredible fight. The bowlers from Munich bowled a tight line and good length so scoring runs wasn’t easy for NCC batsmen. In the first 10 overs, NCC had scored just 31 runs and still needed 63 runs to win in the last ten overs but had seven wickets in hand. From there on, it was a real test of nerves. NCC batsmen had some crucial partnerships in the middle order. They managed to chase down the target in 19 overs to retain the Bayern T20 championship for the second time in a row. 

This victory also ensures that NCC advances to the national championship quarter-finals. In the next round game on September 13, 2020, NCC will play against SCV Stuttgart. The game starts at 11:00 Hrs at the NCC home ground in Nuremberg.


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