Playmobil COVID-19 Facemasks

Playmobil Face Mask
Playmobil Face Mask
An Independent Product Review.

As a lifelong fan of Playmobil ever since my grandma brought my sister and me to the zoo for Christmas in 1986, I was curious to see that my favourite toy brand now also offers Covid-19 face masks.

I liked the smiley Playmobil face imprinted on the front of the masks and ordered three – one in each available size.

The first thing I noticed on searching for the right size for my family of two (myself and my son aged 6) was that each mask size only comes in one colour:
S is orange, M is grey, and L is blue, although more recently they have also started making a black version.

So, unfortunately, my favourite colour wasn’t available in my size, and for a child who doesn’t like orange, that might be an issue.

My size, the grey mask in M, looks a bit austere – almost military or medical, not as much fun as the other two colours – and much more boring than our homemade cotton masks!

However, what I found lacking in their aesthetic, the Playmobil masks made up for in their functionality.

Each mask comes with a standard pack of tissues as replaceable filters and very simple instructions on how to cut them to size.

Before you don your mask, all you have to do is tie the thin elastic strap to both sides of the mask, remove the front cover, put in a small tissue square, and click the cover on again.
So easy, a preschooler can do it!

The masks are comfortable in three important ways :
Since the elastic strap is adjustable and goes behind your head and not around your ears, they’re more comfortable to wear than masks with ear straps.
They’re much easier to breathe through than homemade cotton masks
The soft rubber material sits comfortably on your face without scratching or chafing.

I also found the masks easy to clean, by simply putting them into the dishwasher.
Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase, and the price of €4,99 is hard to beat. €1 from your expense even goes to the German Red Cross Corona relief fund.
The delivery was super quick, and they don’t require complex assembly or ears of steel.

My son wears his mask without complaining now that he’s turned 6, and if I were able to get a blue one in my size, this would be a 10 out of 10!

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  1. Congratulations to all who have worked on this first edition. An excellent project extremely well presented.

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