It was one of those hazy summer days, typical of Nuremberg. Following the COVID-19 lockdown of spring and early summer, people were now out on the streets again. Sometimes dotted just here and there, other times in small groups or sitting outside cafes and restaurants, masked waiters hovering, eager to welcome potential customers. It seemed a novelty to see people pulling suitcases along behind them. Were tourists already returning to Nuremberg? People were walking, not in straight lines, but strangely curving as they manoeuvred the obstacle course of other people before them, trying to maintain the maximum possible “social distance”. Others suddenly stopped in their tracks, not because their way was blocked, but because the space available to pass between other bodies had become too narrow. Traffic had also increased recently, nevertheless, finding a parking space in the Königstraße was still unusually easy. Here I could unload all the material for the evening’s event, the launch of our new website, which took place on the 6th of August 2020 in Blok bar.

We had been planning the event for the previous five weeks and hoping for no rain. Our wish was granted, and on this beautiful, warm August evening, we welcomed our guests, numbering almost 50, who could mingle freely and maintain social distance in the open air. Guests arrived with their tickets and were checked against lists of names and supplied with a badge and a token for a drink. This way, we were able to abide by the COVID-19 regulations and keep to invited guests only. Time moved so rapidly, our precisely planned schedule began at 7.30 pm and soon made its shackles felt. Suddenly it was 8.15 pm—time to quickly fix up the speaker system and usher people inside. 

Stewart Fitchew gave a speech introducing ENGLISH POST to all present, explaining that we are at the moment, a voluntary effort by people from several countries. Our aim; to deliver information about the region in which we live and work in the English language. Following this, Philip Weisel conducted an auction of items including a bottle of schnaps and a 50 Euro voucher for eating/drinking at the King’s Arms pub. The highlight of the evening was the auction of a painting by local artist Momoshi who generously donated the proceeds to ENGLISH POST and so largely financed the event. Time was now available to introduce our team members, and at 9 pm, our countdown reached its climax. After a very slight technical hitch, our new website “ENGLISH POST” was online. We had made it successfully to our first milestone!

Thanks to all the ENGLISH POST team, to Misha Vebrova for the photography, to Blok bar and a very special thanks to Momoshi!


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  1. What a wonderful launch event!

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