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The Nuremberg Energy and Environment Centre at the Wöhrder See has recently opened its doors for afternoon programmes and guided tours. The events are open to all people interested in environment and sustainability and are primarily designed for children (from primary school age) with their parents.

Events in October:

Saturday 3rd, 3-5pm, Let’s celebrate sustainability! 

The first Sunday in October is often an occasion to be thankful for the fruits of the earth and human labour, and this is also what the Energy and Environment Centre wants to do. Visitors and staff will create decorations from natural materials bringing a little autumnal atmosphere into the house. Participants can take their decorations home at the end of the event.


Tuesday, 6th, 6-8pm, Being a sustainable dog owner in the city. 

Even dogs leave an ecological footprint. Buying “wrong” food, plastic excrement bags and toys from China not only pollutes the environment but also affects your pet’s health. By taking small steps everyone can do something to help protect the environment and give their dog a healthier life. In this workshop, interested parties will learn everything about environmentally friendly dog-owning practices and receive care product samples. Many tips, ideas, food for thought, recipes and recommendations from animal health practitioner Olga Alekseeva. 


Friday, 9th and Friday 16th from 3 to 4 pm, – guided tour of the Energy and Environment Centre, followed by an opportunity for bird watching. Participants can simply drop by and get to know the building. 


Saturday, 24th, from 1 to 2:30pm, Colourful leaves and spooky fun. 

Leafy trees become wonderfully colourful in autumn and then shed their leaves. Participants in this workshop will find out about this process and will learn to identify a tree by its leaves. Afterwards, there is no limit to creativity in this Halloween crafting session. 


Wednesday, 28th, from 3 to 5pm, The witches’ kitchen. 

Kettles are bubbling, herbs are crushed and ingredients are mixed. During this beauty afternoon the participants will work together to make useful care products such as deodorant, shower gel, dry shampoo or mosquito repellent using only natural ingredients and therefore avoiding microplastics, packaging waste and unnatural additives. The finished care products can then be taken home as samples. There are also recipes to try out at home. 


The Energy and Environment Centre, located in Wöhrder Wiesenweg 45, is supported by the Institute for Pedagogy and School Psychology and the Environmental Department of the City of Nuremberg. The aim is to promote an understanding of nature, environmental awareness and sustainable lifestyles. After the summer holidays, programmes for school classes, further education, lectures and other activities will also take place here. Register for the events  by e-mail to or by telephone: 0911 2311-0307.

Further information on the programmes is available at

Instagram: umweltstation_nürnberg


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