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The “Bündnis für Familie” (Nuremberg Family Alliance) has published a poster on children’s rights in English. Children should know their rights and adults should respect them.

Children have Rights

Plakat “Children have Rights”

To simplify matters, the 54 articles are often grouped into ten essential children’s rights, such as “You are allowed to learn” or “You can make decisions about your own life”. In 2017 the Bündnis für Familie translated them into simple German language. Later they were summarised in a handy picture book and published as a poster, paired with illustrations by pop- art artist Hardy Kaiser. The book and poster are a valuable support material for didactic teaching, workshops as well as children’s and parents’ events in Nuremberg.

The poster, now available in the English version “Children have rights”, can be downloaded directly this link

Nuremberg institutions can order the book and posters free of charge from Bündnis für Familie, telephone 0911 231-6629.

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