Wallflowers (Mauerblümchen), Cultural Resilience Festival

Shifting away from the relentless pursuit of more, faster, and farther, the ‘Mauerblümchen’ festival directs attention to often-overlooked city spots. From the historic city walls to the revived Rose Garden, this event highlights hidden gems. Amidst installations, theatre, discussions, and more, the festival’s theme is ‘Resilience,’ symbolised by the enduring ‘Mauerblümchen’ flower.

In the ‘Acts of Kindness’ segment, initiatives and non-profits present projects shaping a better city future. Five chosen projects will be featured at the festival’s opening on September 8.

During festival weekends, between 2pm and 10pm, local groups can showcase offerings from food sharing to upcycling in the city moat. Join conversations and engagements with all ages.

The event is finished.


08 - 17/09/2023


All Day

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