Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival 2023

Nuremberg, Germany – Join the NIHRFF in Nuremberg from September 27 to October 4, 2023, as they bring together filmmakers, activists, and human rights enthusiasts for the impactful Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival. This extraordinary event continues to use the medium of film to illuminate critical global challenges, fostering dialogue, introspection, and change.

Renowned for its diverse array of thought-provoking films, the festival explores the intricate facets of human rights and social justice. This year’s lineup promises an exceptional selection of documentaries, features, and shorts from around the world. Each film takes audiences on a captivating journey, revealing the struggles faced by individuals, communities, and societies, while also celebrating stories of resilience, activism, and optimism.

Through this platform, the festival addresses an array of human rights concerns, spanning gender equality, racial justice, environmental sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights, refugee rights, and freedom of expression. By presenting these narratives, we aim to nurture empathy, understanding, and involvement, motivating viewers to effect positive change within their own communities.

Beyond screenings, the festival offers dynamic panel discussions, workshops, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, human rights activists, and experts. These engaging conversations allow attendees to deepen their comprehension of the films, engage in meaningful dialogues, and explore avenues for advocacy and action.

Moreover, the festival celebrates emerging filmmakers via the “Newcomer” category, providing a platform for fresh perspectives and innovative storytelling within human rights cinema. This nurturing environment contributes to the genre’s ongoing growth and evolution.

The Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival has earned global recognition for its steadfast commitment to human rights and exceptional programming. It serves as a vital nexus for filmmakers, activists, and audiences, forging a global community devoted to a fair and equitable world.

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27/09/2023 - 04/10/2023


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