Fürth Glanzlichter

“Fürth Illuminates Again” – A Mesmerizing Spectacle of Light

Step into a world of enchantment as “Fürth Illuminates Again.” In 2018, the “Fürther Glanzlichter” made their debut, marking the occasion of “200 years of independence.” The city’s central buildings were transformed into intricate works of art, casting a spell of awe upon visitors. A realm of fresh perspectives was unveiled, sparking a collective desire to relive this extraordinary event.

Since then, the “Fürther Glanzlichter” have become a November tradition, a month of profound significance for the Cloverleaf City. Over a thousand years ago, Fürth found its place in history with its first documented mention in November. More than two centuries ago, it was granted the esteemed status of a first-class city. November serves as the city’s symbolic birth month, and the “Fürther Glanzlichter” stand as an annual tribute to this legacy.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming revival on Saturday, November 11, 2023. Once again, talented artists will weave their magic, illuminating various locations with captivating light displays. This year’s “Fürther Glanzlichter” theme revolves around anniversaries and commemorative days observed in 2023. The choice of which milestones to commemorate is left to the artists’ creative interpretations.

The detailed program will be unveiled in September, promising a captivating lineup of events. Join us as “Fürth Illuminates Again” and be part of an enchanting celebration that melds artistry, history, and wonder.

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