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Roadway restoration in Bierweg completed

The Servicebetrieb Öffentlicher Raum Nürnberg (Sör) has completed the road rehabilitation of Bierweg between house number 117 and the junction with Tannenbergstraße as scheduled. The work lasted from Monday, 31 May, to Sunday, 27 June 2021, after which only the necessary markings still needed applying. About six thousand square metres of asphalt have been renewed, and cycle lanes widened. In addition, two central islands were altered to make them wheelchair-accessible, and parking bays and curbs were renovated. Four bus stops of lines 30 and 31 are now barrier-free and equipped with a guidance system for the blind.

Bierweg completed

Bierweg completed

Nuremberg, a model municipality of “Smart Cities Smart Regions”

The City of Nuremberg has been selected as one of eleven model municipalities in Bavaria by the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport (StMB) as part of the model project “Smart Cities Smart Regions”. As a model municipality, the city of Nuremberg has set itself the goal of developing a so-called Integrated Digital Development Concept (IDEK) for the sustainable development of the Lichtenreuth area as a “living laboratory” by autumn 2022. Such a laboratory offers the opportunity to test new approaches and gain experience. Innovations will be launched, their benefits tested, and a basis for decision-making created.

The Lichtenreuth district is a new urban neighbourhood being constructed on the site of the old Südbahnhof, Brunecker Straße, between Hasenbuck and Volkspark Dutzendteich. Planned as a mixed-use, living and working area with extensive green spaces, it will also be the location of the Nuremberg University of Technology. The area is divided into three modules: Module I, comprises around 1500 residential units for 3000 people. In addition, there will be day-care centres and local shops. A large neighbourhood park will be built in the centre, which will be continued in Module II. The southern edge of the site will serve as a compensation area and be left in a natural state. Module II will be developed as a residential quarter consisting mainly or even exclusively of multi-storey residential buildings. The park from Module I will be continued here, creating a spatial connection through the entire quarter to the Dutzendteich public park. Module III will be the site of the Technical University of Nuremberg.


Teamplay project seeks volunteers

The Teamplay project is entering its third round and once again is looking for volunteers to work for fair education. Volunteers will form tandems for children and young people. Since the project started in June 2020, over 90 tandems have been established, 80 of which are already active.Demand is still high, and many children are on the waiting list. The target group of Teamplay are children from primary schools and support centres, children and young people from secondary schools and children from single-parent households. There are no formal requirements for volunteers in the Teamplay tandem. In most cases, the activities include tutoring and homework support. However, the project is designed to provide general guidance and encouragement during the educational journey, building self-organisation and self-efficacy, enabling access and digital support.

The volunteers are supposed to meet the children weekly (if possible, in person). Digital tandems are also possible in individual cases, but most children rely on face-to-face contact. Adherence to rules for youth protection, health protection, and the parents’ consent are prerequisites for the formation of a teamplay tandem.

Interested parties can contact the organisers by email or by phone at 0911 231-2344 Mon–Fri.


Kunstvilla has reopened

Since 8 June 2021, the Kunstvilla in Blumenstraße has been open to the public again, showing a newly installed permanent collection in addition to the large special exhibition “Wilhelm Uhlig – The Good Figure” and the anniversary room on Leo Smigay. The Kunstvilla in Blumenstraße 17 is also taking part in the “Muse im Museum” series of events, which starts on 10 July.

Die Musikerin Bettina Ostermeier am Akkordeon.

Die Musikerin Bettina Ostermeier am Akkordeon.


Reporting Defects, Faults and Damages: The Mängel-Melder 

First Positive Balance of the New Citizen Service for a Clean Nuremberg: after a little more than a year of active service, the first annual balance sheet of the new Mängel-Melder is now available for the city council. On

3 February 2020, the Servicebetrieb Öffentlicher Raum Nürnberg (Sör) launched its platform, where citizens can report soiling, damage and other concerns in an uncomplicated, fast and flexible manner.

The reports topics range from illegally dumped rubbish and defective street lamps to road damage and urban greenery. All requests are published on the Sör website and can be viewed online. This means that one is always up to date on whether the concern is already being dealt with and when it will be remedied.

Between March 2020 and February 2021, there were a total of 9962 notifications. Road and path damage were the most reported topics (2,508), followed by pollution (2,347) and defective lanterns or traffic signs (2,258).


Summer in the city: “Summer Street” on Adlerstraße

In cooperation with local businesses, Adlerstraße will become a so-called “Summer Street” in summer 2021. The project is part of the “Nuremberg City Workshop”, a joint initiative of the city’s Department of Economics and Science and the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Middle Franconia revitalising and further developing the city centre.

As part of “Summer Street”, public parking spaces between Josephsplatz / Kaiserstraße and Königstraße will be removed from Saturday, 3 July, until the end of the summer season, latest November 2021. In their place, mobile greenery, gastronomy, retail spaces and seating areas will be installed. Access to the car park remains unrestricted at a speed of 10km/h. Resident parkers have the option to rent a reserved parking space from a limited contingent of 15 spaces in the multi-storey car park in Adlerstraße for the duration of the campaign.

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